The world is a big, fascinating place, and well worth exploring. Experiencing something new and outside of our normal rhythms of life is priceless, opening our eyes to

We take every opportunity to get outside of our home, whether as a couple, on our own, or with our kids. This blog exists so that you can see and experience those things that strike us as we move about.

There are three things in particular that influence how we feel about a place, and how a place gets under our skin. The first is what we see and experience – all those things that we see as we stroll around, with not all being equal. The second is the food and drink we consume along the way. The third is what we read, because a good book should always be our travel companion. The blog will bring the three together, outlining what we saw and what would be worth a second look, reviewing books and reflecting on how they changed what we saw, and linking into our companion blog at Vikalinka for food and drink.


I’ve been travelling for a long time, but only occasionally writing about it, spending a good chunk of my travel time in Asia and Europe. Everywhere I haven’t been is a place I want to go.

One of the great pleasures of travel is the chance to immerse yourself in a good book. Reading opens our eyes to those things that we would normally pass by without a second thought. I find it impossible to separate what I feel about a place from what I was reading while there, and vice versa.


The writer and greater behind the food blog Vikalinka, and more often than not the one behind the camera lens as well. Food and travel are intertwined, and getting outside of our own context gives us the chance to not just see something new, but taste it as well. Julia will be taking the beautiful pictures you find in this blog, giving you access to the best food and drink from your own homes, and pitching in with a few more thoughts of her own.